Introduction-BCM110 Blog One



Welcome fellow bloggers to my first blog site ever!! This is all very exciting for me. My name is Elen McCabe I am a coffee addict, friendly, ‘Friends’ loving 19 year old. I am from Dubbo, I was born in Shellharbour and currently live at Campus East. This is my first year of University which is very scary and exciting at the same time. I am studying a Media and Communication degree and I have chosen Psychology as an elective. I am majoring in Advertising and Marketing.

I completed year 12 in 2011 and then took a year off from study and travelled to London, Paris, Nice, Italy (12 day contiki tour now this gave o-week a run for its money), Athens and Mykonos. I would love to return to London and either study or work there for a few years. My experience from travelling really gave me an insight into different cultures and I’ve now caught the travelling bug.

Back at home I would buy The Sunday Telegraph after work; this is probably one of the newspapers I find the most interesting. I have Facebook and like every other person I can get a bit addicted to it.

My dream job was always to work on the television show ‘Getaway’. I’m sure a lot of people had the same idea. Who wouldn’t want to be paid to travel? When I graduate I would love to go into the field of broadcasting or hosting a show.

I have the belief that if you work hard and believe in yourself that you can achieve the dreams and aspirations that you have. This quote from Audrey Hepburn exemplifies my belief:

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible”.


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