Who is the King of the Media World? Does it matter?

Why does it matter who ‘controls’ the media? 

I read newspapers, magazines, I watch the news (sometimes) and I listen to the radio. These types of media are controlled by someone. Some people have a rather large control over media such as Rupert Murdoch. Why does it matter? It matters because media plays a large part in our society and with people being able to have this control that allows them to have greater influence over what is released in the media.

rupert murdoch cartoon(Image one)

There are ‘big’ companies and ‘powerful’ individuals who have complete control over the mass media but with the technology now available to everyone this allows people to have their own control.

murdoch again(Image two)

Otago Daily Times suggests this same point in their article ‘Controlling the media’, “Nowadays, virtually anyone with a computer and an internet connection can publish and spread news and opinion”.

If we have the one person controlling the media such as Rupert Murdoch this gives  him a lot of power and allows him to have the influence over what he ‘feeds’ to the audience.  However, in saying this, where does the control of the media stop? Is there a reason why certain countries have the control censorship on their media?

twitter(Image three)

These countries have strong control over their media as they choose what the media can put out, but this is not the case in all countries such as Australia. We cannot control what the media puts out, not even the government. So in saying that, is the media controlling the media?
It does matter who has control over the media, the more control one person has the more influence they have over the information that is put out.

Check out this sight for some pretty interesting statistics-http://frugaldad.com/2011/11/22/media-consolidation-infographic/






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