The sum of all things (Reflection blog)

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Okay so I’m here looking at the computer, drinking my coffee (as usual) and trying to decide the best way to sum up everything I have learnt from my blogs and other fellow bloggers too. So I’m going to start off with the journey

The journey of looking back at what I have learnt.  Well, surprisingly, from completing these six blogs I have gained a great deal and this has helped me understand the media and all its aspects much better. Basically coming into this course and then completing this assessment has definitely changed the way I think about the media and given me more insight. I loved reading everyone’s blogs and their different ideas about the subjects. Reading other classmates blogs helped me learn how to write a great bog. I enjoyed the process of creating my blogs and researching images or clips to emphasise my points. From this journey I can definitely say I’m no longer an amateur blogger (well, I would like to think that anyway).

The summarising of all my blogs

Out of all the topics, if I had to pick my favourite it would have to be the public sphere not only did I love talking about the child beauty pageants but I love when something in the media comes up and you just start these little debates with people at dinner time or when hanging out with your friends. I do enjoy a good debate (sometimes I get a little too into it).
When completing the blog about ‘who controls the media’, I was amazed to discover how much control some individuals have over certain aspects of the media, for example Rupert Murdoch.
The ‘Media effects model’ blog I found interesting as even though it was established that the media does not always have an influence over what actions people make it can still have slight influence in the way we see things.
‘The representation of images’ blog showed some very interesting advertisements (I did enjoy my advertisement of the pregnant nun) and it was interesting to read what other people interpreted from these blogs.

The end result

In the end, this assessment not only allowed me to expand my technological skills but I also gained more understanding in my course.

So I’m going to you leave you guys with this question… When it comes to media how much do you really know about it now?

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