The Ever Changing World



“Act global, via the internet, connectivity, media politics and international competiveness, as the powers that be inhabit the global space” – Manuel Castells, Challenges of Globalisation


When reading and learning about globalisation I had never thought about how there are both positive and negative views and how they affect each other. I can proudly say I am very ‘globalised’ by what shows I watch, what music I listen to, what I read, the clothes I wear and even my roommate (who happens to be American). Many people may not realise how much of an impact globalisation has on them. One of the main aspects that assist in the spreading of globalisation is technology. With technology continuously developing and growing this allows globalisation to gain more power.


Gloablisation has both a positive and negative view; these views are the Utopian and Dystopian view. Marshall McLuhan’s interpretation of the Utopian view as being a ‘global village’, demonstrates how no matter where you are in the world globalisation is able to bring people together and allow communication within the ‘global village’. Some positives of globalisation are that it allows ideas to be heard freely, companies are able to connect with more consumers and people are able to communicate with one another more efficiently and quickly. Globalisations changes the way we interact with one another.

Globalisation has many positive features and allows people to come together, however with technology playing a major role in the spread of globalisation this does have an effect on others as they do not have the same easy access to technology as we do. This falls into the Dystopian view, where globalisation can affect the economy in a negative way and this can be seen through the separation of people with lower incomes to those with higher incomes. As some cultures have more access to technology this can affect what information is spread through the media and what views are heard.

But without globalisation we would not have our variety of food choices, we would still be naïve to the different cultures and customs, we would not have the knowledge or the access to worldwide events, so in saying this globalisation may have both positive and negative aspects, but where would be today without it? Globalisation contributes to the growing diversity of the world.




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