My Blog Experience in a Nutshell


Ah! another session of blogging done. It is surprising when it comes to reflecting on my blogging experience how much I actually have learnt. Yeah okay sometimes during lectures my mind might decide to have a little wander but reading over my blogs and thinking about what I have learnt I actually can say I have developed my knowledge in International Studies (Yay!  go me).

So what exactly have I learnt?

First of all, we can all agree that Globalisation plays a major role in International studies and is probably one of the main components. Globalisation has contributed greatly to the spread of technology. Learning about Globalisation has extended my knowledge of the topic and I now understand the positive and negative aspects of Globalisation.  This includes the Utopian and Dystopian views that fall under the positive and negative aspect of Globalisation. We are constantly changing and Globalisation is speeding the process up. This has had an effect on film industries particularly transnational films. It was interesting to discover how certain film industries have grown and developed such as; Bollywood and Asian film industries. This is allowing the growth of other media capitals.

The translation of television comedy demonstrates how countries take a popular show from one country and modify the shows humour to suit their intended audience. It was interesting to discover what shows were successful and what shows were not. This demonstrates the diversity of humour. Another topic that has also spread throughout the world and has been hybridised is Hip Hop. The media can demonstrate Hip Hop in a very stereotypical light depicting it as controversial, however Hip Hop has had positive effects on individuals such as African-Americans allowing them ‘freedom of speech’.  

The concept of ‘freedom of speech’ is not always easily come by. When I wrote the blog who counts in global media, unfortunately it was not a surprise to me that certain countries or events did not have the same news coverage or were not considered newsworthy. This quote stood out for me in the reading that I used in my blog as I felt it summed up the concept of cultural proximity. “Globalisation has produced a countervailing ‘domestication’ of stories, where the international has to be filtered through domestic sensibilities and interests, similar” (Lee-wright, 2012).

Last but not least the topic I blogged on was International students.  This was one of my favourite topics and this might have something do with the fact that I have a lot of friends who are international students. What I did find surprising was when reading ‘International students: Negotiating life and study in Australia through Australian Englishes’ it showed a very negative light of International students’ experiences. This was a surprise as all the International students I have personally met have never had problems with being culturally accepted.

 As in previous subjects I enjoyed blogging and reading other people’s blogs and their opinions of the topics learnt. I have found that my knowledge of International Studies has definitely expanded and was surprised by what I discovered. 



Lee-Wright, P (2012) ‘News Values: An Assessment of News Priorities Through a Comparative Analysis of Arab Spring Anniversary Coverage’ JOMEC Journal: Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies 


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