Travelling through my media space

Hi for those you have only just started following my blog my name is Elen. I’m a second year communications and media studies student. When I was thinking about what I could write about for my media space I thought back to what I was doing at the time of the lecture. I was currently on a plane flying back from America. Not only was I sitting there watching ‘Rio 2’ but I also had my digital camera on my lap flicking through photos of the trip and my phone conveniently an arms reach away waiting for signs of human life on the other end (love free Wi-Fi on a flight).

blog media space

During the month in America Snapchat and Instagram became my way of showing people how much fun I was having and that I was still alive (because not uploading a photo for a few days automatically means something has happened to me).

This was just such a convenient way for me to keep in contact with friends and family. With Snapchat not only could I show selfies of me in front of the statue of liberty, I could send videos of me hiking up the trail of Runyon Canyon Loop in Los Angeles.  My media space allowed me to be connected with people within my life no matter where I was. These days it’s so common for people to use Snapchat or Instagram or any other social network to connect with people on a technological level.

I still use my Snapchat like crazy to keep in contact with my friends in America, I like to say it makes things easier and sometimes I forget we are 14hrs apart.


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