Adding a bit of sweetness to your day


“Individuals have just one goal in mind: to obtain goods and services that meet their needs and wants.” (Schiffman et al, 2013)

I have to say I have experienced quite a few memorable CB experiences, however a recent one is my new favourite hangout/soon to be study spot. My friend and I are becoming regular customers at the Gwynneville bakery. With their amazing coffees, delicious sweets and mouth-watering savoury foods how can you not want to frequently return?

The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed. Their staff are always friendly and helpful, so if you’re struggling with choosing a new drink like me they always have great suggestions.

Consumer behaviour can influence the decision of other potential consumers. It is clear from the amount of customers that enter Gwynneville bakery that they have the same CB experience that my friend and I have.
There is nothing that stands out for me the most at Gwynneville bakery (except maybe for their delicious food) because I find that overall they consistently deliver to meet both my needs and wants that I expect from a bakery.

Gwynneville bakery delivers everything you expect from a bakery; food and drink delivered reasonably quick, a great atmosphere, plenty of seating options, a range of food and drinks and excellent customer service. So does Gwynneville bakery understand the diverse needs and wants of their customers? Well yes they do, they understand with takeaway their customers expect quick response, with dine in their customers expect good table service and overall they understand their customers expect their needs attended to.
After writing this I could do with a coffee and a piece of caramel slice.


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Schiffman, O’Cass, Paladino and Carlson 2013, Consumer Behaviour, 6th edition


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