Okay so I will admit I have taken a selfie before (more than once). I remember the first selfie I uploaded on Instagram I was actually really nervous, I felt kind of embarrassed and a little stupid too. So if I felt like this when I uploaded it, why did I do it? I guess you can say everyone else had done it so I thought hey maybe I should jump on the selfie bandwagon.

Nowadays selfies are as common as brushing your teeth in the morning (I have actually seen a selfie of someone brushing their teeth). So we understand a selfie is a generated self-portrait. Does it make us vain for taking a photo? Self-obsessed?


Image Two

The craze of the selfie brings along other aspects with it such as; selfie trends (the no-make up selfie), selfie sticks and travelling selfies.
It seems travelling selfies have become such a large part of the tourist behaviour. Whilst I was overseas I barely took any seflies when travelling (mostly because my arms are too short so I can never fit much of the background in). This then brings me to the topic discussed in class about selfies being taken in inappropriate places like the infamous ‘smiling Auschwitz selfie’ by Breanna Mitchell, I thought back to my travels in America.

My friend and I visited the 9/11 memorial. The way we behaved at this site was very different to when we visited the Statue of Liberty. I took two photos of the site whilst turning to my friend I asked ‘Do you think it is strange to take a photo of a site where tragedy occurred?’
I guess I never really thought too much into my question. What I did notice while I was there were people standing in front of the site in groups or couples smiling or individuals taking selfies in front of the site. I personally would not do that as I feel it is not right. I am not just pointing out taking a selfie but also the fact everyone in their photos were smiling (what is there to smile about?).

So maybe we should not look at the idea of selfies being self-obsessed but maybe the idea that sometimes maybe a selfie is not the answer.


Image two-


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