Emirates – Cross cultural flying


Globalisation is continuously expanding, allowing consumers to have access to the best products from various countries. Major corporations are finding more opportunities in other countries.

Emirates demonstrates what successful cross cultural marketing looks like. Through many of Emirates advertising there is still a sense of their brand origin however they manage to appeal to all cultures, as when flying or travelling you want to receive the best experience and be comfortable with your choice.

“Cross-cultural marketing is international marketing on a personal level. It means considering cultural differences when planning marketing campaigns and media; realizing the need for a balance between localization and globalization; and most importantly, implementing strategies that respect differences while seeking to unify brand messages”(E3 agency network, 2009).

Emirates is associating their brand with class and prestige. Emirates understands that their print advertisement will appeal to various cultures as the need for comfort when travelling is a universal need.


Emirates understands their advertisements can be used across cultures as they are appealing for those who travel either for business or like to travel in more of upper class atmosphere. This allows emirates to focus their advertisements around the benefit of comfort and class.

Emirates is not the only company that has successfully entered cross cultural marketing. The Swedish brand IKEA has not only expanded its stores all over Europe but also America and now more stores are opening up around Australia.


E3 agency network, (2009), Defining cross cultural marketing, https://e3network.wordpress.com/2009/03/03/defining-cross-cultural-marketing/


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