Companies are continuously trying to differentiate themselves from their competition. Companies thrive on positioning themselves and their products in the most positive light as possible. In order to do this companies need to resonate with their consumers.  The three marketing strategies; social marketing, sponsorship and cause related marketing are different forms of societal marketing. “Societal marketing can generate the long-term value needed for a company to survive and achieve competitive advantage” (Bronn, & Vrioni, 2001).

Marketers found that when companies adopt cause related marketing within their company this appeals more to consumers and places the company in a more positive image as it shows the company being more socially responsible and trying ‘to make the world a better place’.

Witchery is one of Australia’s leading fashion labels and is seen as a prestige brand and by utilising cause related marketing this allows them to have more of an impact in social marketing.

In 2000…

Witchery joins forces with OCRF (ovarian cancer research foundation) to start a 14 year partnership.

This started the White Shirt Campaign. Witchery designed a line of various styles of white shirts. 100% of every purchase goes towards research and support for Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

Joe Marconi stated “86% of consumers are more likely to buy a product associated with a cause or issue” (Marconi, 2002, pg.5) Not only is Witchery associating their brand with charitable causes but other high end brands such as L’Oréal Paris and Sass & Bide have paired with foundations to raise awareness. As these are “companies who want to appeal to the increasingly socially responsible consumer and meet business objectives at the same time.”




Bronn, P, S, & Vrioni, A, B, (2001), Corporate Social Responsibility and Cause- Related marketing: An Overview, World advertising research center, Vol. 20, No. 2, accessed from http://www.warc.com/fulltext/IJOA/49839.htm

Marconi, J, (2002), Cause Marketing. Dearborn Trade, A Kaplan Professional Company


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