Dance Like It Is Your Last

Renee York, 22yrs

Renee York, 22yrs

Passion is what drives us to pursue our most wanted desires. Once you find that passion you make the most of everything. That’s exactly what 22 year old Renee York did, and ended up making her dream of dancing at one of New York’s well known dance studios ‘Broadway Dance Centre’ come true.

“I first started dancing when I was 5, my mum had enrolled me into classes because I would not stop dancing around the house to Hi-5. So I guess she saw I had a passion for dancing from a young age.” It is clear to see from all of Renee’s achievements, her mother’s decision to enrol her in dance lessons paid off.
Attending dancing tours in Malaysia, to taking various classes across America including at Millennium LA dance centre, is only a few of Renee’s experiences.

The years of dancing have been etched into her memory, “I still think about when I first got accepted into Ev&Bow for a two year full time training contract”. When reminiscing about opening the letter of acceptance after her mum had picked her up from dance company practice, it is clear to see this is just one of the memorable experiences that Renee still holds.

The time Renee was presented with the opportunity to be a backup dancer for Kelly Rowland on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ was a decision that was easily accepted with no hesitation. This was not the only time Renee has performed in front of large crowds, Sydney Fashion week is just another achievement to add to her growing list. ‘It was such a fun experience dancing on the runway with the models walking down’.

After enviously watching Renee perform splits, jumps and other incredible flexible poses (that only one who has been dancing for years can manage) for the shoot, the sheer love for dance is still so clear on her face. When asked ‘Does this make you miss your dancing days?’ Renee’s answer is a clear simple, longing ‘yes’.

After the two years of full time dance, Renee eventually made the decision to attend University. “I never wanted dance to be my only career path. Don’t get me wrong I did love it and still do, but opportunities for a career in dancing were limited”. Eventually the decision to complete a Bachelor in Communications and Media Studies with a major in Marketing was made. Now currently in her final year her future has never looked brighter.

“I guess you can say I have achieved a lot for a 22 year old, with spending a few years doing what I love. I now have exchange in America and graduating to look forward to”.

Renee’s career course may have veered in another direction, however dancing will always be a big part of who she is.




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