More females in the Journalism field and more diverse questions please, is it that hard?

Gender equality seems to be an ongoing debate in any job field. We are still seeing difference in gender equality in the newsroom. There are continuous debates over the limited female presence compared to males within the newsroom and the job position difference. With the noticeable difference in the information female reporters present, compared to those of their male co-workers. Finding women in the news reporting field tend to report more on what is considered ‘soft’ news.
It seems a small percentage of women are now leaving the field of journalism due to the lack opportunities to reach to the top positions. So maybe there needs to be a relook at the hiring process?

There still a slow growing percentage of women in the journalism field, however one aspect of journalism in particular seems to still be lacking growth in gender diversity and that is sports journalism. ‘A study conducted for the Associated Press Sports Editors found that women account for 6.3% of sports editors, 10.5% of assistant sports editors, 9.9% of sports columnists, 10.6% of sports reporters, and 16.1% of sports copy editors and designers’.

Image from google images- Footy Show panel

Image from google images- Footy Show panel

It seems this issue doesn’t just stop with the percentage of female journalist about but also how women, especially celebrities are depicted in the media? With the same stereotypical questions being asked. So why is it so important to discuss what they wore? Who cares if the dress was not sitting right? Or their hair was done in a certain way. What happen to focusing on what they had to say?

‘Women have been questioned on the utterly beside-the-point topic of their appearances even as they, quite literally, change the world’.

Will we ever see a whole panel of female sport commentators? Or journalists asking female celebrities more ‘refreshing’ questions on the red carpet instead of ‘who are you wearing?’ I guess only time will tell.


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