Chelsea Thomson

(Bachelor in Media and Communication, Major in Marketing)

Chelsea Thomson, 20yrs

Chelsea Thomson, 20yrs

“So in 2014 in January I travelled to Cambodia for a month.”

“I was assisting with a Christian organisation that my dad is a part of. We built houses for villages and the program went for two weeks”

After her volunteering Chelsea travelled through Cambodia visiting temples and sightseeing. This whole experienced opened up her eyes culturally. When asked would she travel or visit Cambodia again, there was no hesitation to her answer. Chelsea has caught the same travel bug that everyone else obtains when travelling.


Lucy Daly

(Bachelor in arts/Bachelor in international studies, major in photography)

Lucy Daly, 22

Lucy Daly, 22

When discussing travel adventures with Lucy straight away you can sense her passion for travelling. “I have been to Europe, India and America. I actually lived in London and Scotland over a two year period and I have also travelled throughout Australia.” Not only is Lucy a worldly traveler but from this she has become to love travel photography and when it comes to landscape photos Lucy has it under control.

So where is the next stop for this young adventurer…

“I would love to travel to Africa, South and Central America next”. Eventually Lucy hopes to become a travel photographer and writer, allowing for others to become inspired to travel through photos.

Birthe Skingen


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing is going to get better it’s not”- Dr Seuss

Birthe appreciates a good quote more than Australia’s vegemite (not the first time an exchange student has not been a fan of vegemite). For Birthe, travelling the 20 hour and 19 minute flight to Australia seemed like a better idea than staying and studying near her home in Ulsteinvik. Australia seemed like a good choice, with “England too cold, not enough support from the American government, Africa was too much of a culture shock and New Zealand (let’s just say I’m not interested- no offense).”